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Dec 25, 2018


Ambassador Valor Lodge
 # 664
Knights of Pythias

We are down to less than 90 Members    So bring in a friend or neighbor as a NEW MEMBER.... Earn CASH!!!.....

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Ambassador Valor Lodge is a Lodge which belongs to the Fraternal Order Knights of Pythias. The Knights of Pythias is headed by the Supreme Lodge. Lodges are grouped into geographical Domains, run by Grand Lodges. We belong to the Grand Lodge of New York State.

See the Pythian Video at www.kofpny.com - Video about the Order on the Bottom of the Left List of items........

What is Our Lodge all about?

We are a Fraternal Order of men who get together to have a good time and to meet new friends. There is a card game before & after our meetings as well as food before and after meetings.

The meetings are usually short (about 45 minutes) so we have lots of time to socialize with people we already know and get to know some new people. We have some activities where the Wives are invited.

We usually attract a crowd of 20 to 30 people. We meet in conjunction with Superior Lodge # 711 and Omni Lodge Lodge # 719.

What are the Pythian Principles?

The Fraternal Order of Knights of Pythias promotes cooperation and friendship between people of good will.

    Pythians know one way to happiness is through service to mankind.
    Pythians believe that friendship is an essential ingredient in life.
    Pythians make Benevolence, Kindness, Generosity and Tolerance a reality in their lives.
    Pythians place home ties at the top of their priority list.
    Pythians are interested in public affairs on the local, state or province, national and international levels.
    Pythians are eager to enhance the communities in which they live.
    Pythians respect and honor the law of the land in which they live.
    Pythians seek to expand their circle of influence by association with people of like interests and energy.

The history of the Knights of Pythias

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